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Add a printer (Windows)

Please note: Printing a page in color costs your chair 6 Rp/page, while a page in Black&White costs 1 Rp/page only!! Therefore, we strongly recommend to set the default of our printer preferences to Black&White (see further below).

Please also have a look at There, you can make a webprint and also check your printing costs, even the environmental costs of your print activity!


Go to the search function which is located next to the start button and type \\


 If you are prompted for username and password, authenticate with your ETH user name (d\username). Please activate the check-box Remember my credentials.


Search for the printer you want to connect to. Right-click and select “Connect”.


The printer will then be installed automatically

RECOMMENDED: Change settings and create Presets

This procedure describes the steps to create a Preset to print Black&White. For creating presets having other properties, proceed as described here, but of course with the appropriate other changes.

In order to see all installed printers, open the “Devices” in the “Settings”. Alternatively you can search with the search function for “Printers & Scanners”.


Select the printer you want to change the settings to and select “Manage”.


Select “Printing Preferences”


A new pop-up window will appear. Here you can change settings you wish to have. The settings you will set here, will be the standard settings for all future printings.


After changing all the options of your preferred settings, click on “Apply” to save it.

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