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Voice mail

You can use the Voice-Mail system as an answering machine, for messages, announcements and during absences. You can also use any telephone to access your calendar or check your emails.

Following services are available:

  • Telephone Answering Machine
  • Delivery of voice messages as MP3 files directly in your mailbox
  • Notification email for lost calls directly in your mailbox
  • Voice access to your calendar and emails


This service is available for all ETH employees with a personal Phone Service.

For non personal phones and ETH guests, please contact the MAVT Service Desk

First Setup

Request voice-mail service

A personal telephone is used by one single person and in most cases is associated to this person in the ETHZ Mail Address List.

In this case, you can request the voice-mail Service using the nethz Tool:

  1. Go to nethz Tool in
  2. Select “meine Services”
  3. Look for the service “Phone”
  4. Below the title “Aktion” click on the button “Voice-Mail aktivieren”.

You will have to wait maximal 15 minutes until the service is registered and active.

Once your voice mail service is configured, you can access your mailbox via voice right away or make additional configurations by calling the number 39990 and identifying yourself with your PIN number.


To activate the answering machine function you only have to redirect your calls to the number 39990 in your desktop telephone.

Depending on your telephone set, it is possible to redirect your calls in the following three sceneries:

  1. Redirect ALL your calls. In this case all incoming calls, will be directly forwarded to the UM service. Your telephone won’t even ring.
  2. Redirect calls if the line is busy
  3. Redirect calls if after a certain time no one answers them

The redirect options will be configured on your desk telephone. 

First Setup

Before you begin setting up your voice mail greeting, you will need to know your PIN. Your find your PIN in the notification mail you received from the UM server at activation time.
The first time you dial into the UM Service number (38880) you will be asked to set up your greeting and name identifier:

  1. Call extension 38880 (extern +41446338880) in your desk phone
  2. If you are not calling from your office phone, you will need to enter your 5 digit extension
  3. The automated system will pronounce your name and ask to you enter your PIN
  4. Enter your PIN and press #
  5. Follow the prompts to record your name in your own voice. This will serve as identification to your callers
  6. Follow the prompts to record a personal greeting which will be played to callers when you are not able to answer. You can always change this later. If you don’t record a greeting a standard greeting will be played instead.
  7. The initial setup is complete and the system will offer you to access your mailbox now or end the session.

Further instructions:

IT Services for D-MAVT