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Shared mailboxes

If you need to have a shared space within Outlook/Exchange for collaborative work with incoming e-mails or calendars, you can request a shared mailbox from us which can be accesses simultaneously from multiple persons.

How to connect a shared mailbox

Once you received access to a shared mailbox please follow theses steps to attach this mailbox to your outlook:

Outlook 2013/2016

A shared mailbox named “D-MAVT Mailbox” is used in this example, please replace this name with the apropriate adressbook name of your shared mailbox.


1. Open your Outlook and click on File.


2. Select in the dropdown of the “Account and Social Network Settings” the Account Settings


3. Select “Change..” on the new window.


4. A new window will pop up. Click on “More Settings.. ” on the bottom right corner.


5. Again a new window will pop up. Switch to the tab “Advanced” and click on the “Add…” button.


6. Insert the name of the Mailbox you want to add and click on OK. Enter “D-MAVT Mailbox” to add the shared folder.


7. The new Mailbox should now appear in the window. Click on OK.


8. Click on Next and then on Finish.


9. Close the Account Settings


10. The new folder should appear below your personal mail folder.


11. Sign out and in again in order to activate the folder.


1. In your webmail click on your name in the top right corner.


2. Enter the name of the shared mail box you want to map in the small window. Click on “Open…”/ “Öffnen..” twice.


3. The new folder should appear below your personal folders.


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