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Online inventory and invoicing


This instruction covers only the most important features of the Online-Inventory. There maybe more features, but these are not relevant at the moment for its intended use.

1. Purpose of the Online-Inventory is the central inventory for all computers managed by ISG MAVT. Our customers are encouraged to use it anytime to check their invoice estimates, SLAs, the ISG MAVT’s Service catalogue, the different client categories and their computers managed by ISG MAVT on a regular basis.


2. Login

    • The following people/roles are allowed to log in by default:
    • Group Lead (Professor for e.g.)
    • Group Lead Assistant
    • IT Coordinator / IT Contact
    • Simply use your usual ETH-Username and password to log in.


3. Invoice estimate(s)

Here you’ll find quarterly invoice estimates (beginning with Q3 2022).
This allows you to estimate costs on a quarterly basis.
The invoice estimate for Q3 is always the basis for the final invoice by ID controlling.

Click “Invoice estimate” to access your invoice estimates.


4. SLA(s)

Here you’ll find your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with ISG MAVT.

Click “SLA(s)” to access your SLAs.


5. Service catalogue

Here you’ll find the ISG MAVT’s recent Service catalogue and SLA addendum.

Click “Service catalogue” to access your SLAs.


6. Client categories

Click “Client categories” to get an overview of the different client categories
including their costs.


7. Invoicing calculation

Here you’ll find a detailed explanation about the calculation for the invoicing.


8. Computers

Here you’ll find the list of the computers managed by ISG MAVT.
You can export the list to different format (PDF, CVS …)
Please check the list on a regular basis (e.g. quarterly) since the purpose of use may cause different costs

At column “External Links – External Links” click “Change purpose …” to submit a change request. You will then be forwarded to “SmartDesk”. Please chose the corresponding form to your request there.


9. Monitors

Here you’ll find the list of the monitors attached to the computers managed by ISG MAVT.


10. Active / offline

Active: Computers that have logged on to the network within the last 180 days.
Offline: Computer that have not logged on to the network within the last 180 days.

Only active Computers are counted for the respective invoice estimates.

Devices with status “inactive” in the inventory (e.g. because they have been bought out privately, scrapped, etc.) will not be charged if they have not been logged on to the network for at least 180 days before the next end-of-year invoice.


11. How to switch mandates

If you’re responsible for multiple groups you can switch the active view by clicking on your group’s abbreviation at top right.
Then select the desired group in the tree directory that appears.


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