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Mail filter with Mailcleaner

The Mail Filtering Service scans incoming emails for spam, phishing, malware and scam messages. Incoming emails passes through the filter gateways before it reaches the mail servers.

The filtering service is called MailCleaner. This is a Swiss product that runs on our servers and is already in use at other Swiss universities. MailCleaner provides an individual quarantine for each of your email addresses and a web interface to access your quarantine and manage your filtering preferences.

Quarantine report

If any of your incoming emails lands in your quarantine, you will receive a quarantine report on the following morning. This report may be used to release any falsely-quarantined messages. You can release a falsely-quarantined message by clicking on the arrow:



Manage filter preferences

MailCleaner provides a web interface at to access your quarantine and manage
your filtering preferences. The web interface uses the ETH Username, the domain and the ETH password for email.
You are provided with a personal whitelist and blacklist: You can add an email address at “configuration”, “whitelist” to your personal whitelist:


Confirmed malware and phishing messages will be rejected without regard to user preferences. Suspected malware and phishing messages will be diverted to an inspection queue where they will be examined and then delivered or deleted.

Dealing with phishing email

Phishing and malware messages that reach your mailbox should be forwarded as an attachment to our address. Mail sent to this address will be seen by IT-Services and by the company’s analytical team

Further instructions:


IT Services for D-MAVT