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Add a printer (macOS)

Please note: Printing a page in color costs your chair 6 Rp/page, while a page in Black&White costs 1 Rp/page only!!


In macOS, you can use a utility called “ETH Printers” developed by the ISG D-HEST.  If you are using a department computer, this application may already be installed under “Utilities”. If not, ask about it.

On private computers, you can download the program using the following links: ETH_Printers.pkg


  • Search for the printer you want to add and install it with a click on install printer. Note: If you do not find the printer in the list, click “Refresh” and wait for completion.
  • You can now see the printer in the Printer section of the System Preferences and adjust settings such as e.g. Presets for color or black&white


Follow-me printing

  • With the follow-me printers, you can go to any PIA printer and release your print job(s) using your ETH ID card.




Please also have a look at There, you can make  webprints and also check your printing costs, even the environmental costs of your print activity!

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