1. Costs of Common SLA

The Common SLA includes the provision and support of the staff’s IT workstation systems, the
complete user administration and the management of access rights to systems, applications and data areas according to the ISG Service Catalogue

The “Heads Average” for Q1-Q3 are provided to ISG by the Department.
The “Heads Average” for staff employed by several professorships managed by ISG are already divided equally between the respective professorships.


Example calculation of the Common SLA costs:
Heads Average for Q1-Q3 (9.56) * 800 CHF p.a.
= Common SLA costs: 7648 CHF


2. Additional devices costs

Additional efforts (management of devices) up to 10% of the Common SLA will not be charged as a gesture of goodwill. Efforts exceeding 10% of the Common SLA will be charged additionally according to the Common SLA. Only devices managed by ISG ID S4D-MAVT on behalf of the professorship which were detected within the last 180 days will be taken into account.

Devices with status “inactive” in the inventory (e.g. because they have been bought out privately, scrapped, etc.) will not be charged if they have not been logged on to the network for at least 180 days before the next end-of-year invoice.




Device Controllers:1

Prices for devices not covered within the terms of the Common SLA according to category:
Device controller, Lab-PC, Presentation-PC, Student-Room-PC: 290.- CHF p.a.
Server, Staff-PC: 800.- CHF p.a. A detailed description of the individual categories can be found here


Example calculation of additional devices costs:

Costs of all devices:23410 CHF
- Common SLA:7648 CHF
- 10% goodwill on Common SLA:765 CHF
= Additional devices (not covered bei Common SLA):14997 CHF


3. Total costs

Example calculation of total costs:

Common SLA:7648 CHF
+ Additional devices (- 10% on Common SLA):14997 CHF
= Total costs:22645 CHF