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macOS and 802.1X

For macOS computers it is necessary to turn off 802.1X for the network adapter if an 802.1X authentication dialog pops up after connecting a network cable: Please don’t enter any credentials on this popup, instead, click on Cancel.   Disable 802.1X Choose Network settings in System Preferences                     Select the ethernet adapter on the left and click on Advanced               […]

Wired network

You can connect to the wired network with the blue network cable. If you have a Open Stage telephone (LEE and CLA building), you can connect the network cable directly to the phone instead of the UTP connection in the wall.   In your office there are several UTP connections, but not all are working. If you need additional connections or network cables, please contact us. If you have a computer managed by us, you will […]


SSIDs at ETH The ETH works with the SSIDs eduroam (automatic, mobile on the go), eduroam-5 (manual, stationary working place) for students and employees and public for guest users. (SSID = Service Set Identifier – public name of a wireless network).   Login account:   If you are not sure to which realm you belong, you can check it here Password: The network password which is also used for VPN connection If you have […]


For the VPN authentication, you need to use the same password and login method as with Wi-Fi:   If you are not sure to which realm you belong, you can check it here   VPN provides a way to access the ETH campus network from outside the ETH. This is a requirement to access several IT services from outside ETH locations (i.e. when you are connected to the network of an external university, a […]

Internet abroad

WLAN SWITCHconnect EDUROAM – surfing at universities around the world: “Education Roaming” (eduroam) allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop. In just a few steps, they can surf the Internet free of charge via the local network of a foreign university and have access to the contents of their home organization. Typical registration formalities or guest access […]