Category: Communication

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a “collaboration” tool with audio/video telephony function. We recommend teams for everyday communication in smaller working teams. Available Features Audio and video meetings Telephone dial-in to online meetings Chat File and screen sharing Advanced features Team spaces / channels Integration in Microsoft Outlook (estimated availability t.b.d) To use Microsoft Teams you must first register, […]

Voice mail

You can use the Voice-Mail system as an answering machine, for messages, announcements and during absences. You can also use any telephone to access your calendar or check your emails. Following services are available: Telephone Answering Machine Delivery of voice messages as MP3 files directly in your mailbox Notification email for lost calls directly in […]

Mobile phone

Order Mobile Data Packages for Roaming With your mobile phone browser please visit the following website   Depending on your destination please slide the map to the left side until you see either EU or Other countries. Then touch to Add data package:   Search your destination country within the country list and choose […]


Phone guide Transfer a call During the call with party A, select with the 5-way navigator in the context menu “Blind transfer” and press OK Enter the phone number of party B and press OK Semi-attended transfer (transfer while ringing) During the call with party A, select with the 5-way navigator in the context menu […]

Switch video conferencing

SWITCH set up a new video service. It is based on the open source video conferencing software Jitsi ( It is built on our their infrastructure SWITCHengines and is therefore expected to scale to a large number of institutions and users.    You can use the new service via the following URL: You can login […]